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Work Face Planning

Work Face Planning

Workface Planning is a process to arrange and deliver all elements before execution start, to allow craft to perform quality of work in a safe, effective, and efficient manner.

What should be covered in each WorkFace Planning PLan

The Scope of Work will define the over all project of want is to be completed. In our Workface Plan we will be taking part of the over all Scope and breaking it down in the level 5 schedule activities (Tasks). We will want to look at all the tasked required to complete this scope for work. Below is a list of Items Normally found in a WFP.

WFP Table of Contents:

  1. Scope of work description
  2. Safe Work Execution Plan
  3. Hazards associated with this scope
  4. Perquisites
  5. Material Request (BOM)
  6. Equipment/Tool Required
  7. HS&E Requirements
  8. Q/C:ITP Requirements
  9. Construction Completion Punch List
  10. Request for information form (RFI's)
  11. Contact List
  12. Lessons Learned
  13. Document Control (Drawing Review)
  14. Project Sign off for each area
  15. WFP Log (This Shows all the tasks that will be completed by WFPing)

Workface Planning Log

The Workface Planning log is an extention of the Project Schedule. Please see below to see an over all Level 5 schedule for installing structural steel.

The WFP log help you see all the project takes that are required to complete your project. Each Plan should be for around a weeks worth of time. As per the attached example you can see how these for plans are placed on the over all schedule.  We can keep track of each task that is being worked on for each WFP.  See below for the task break down for each WFP.

This project schedule was created with Microsoft Project. You also can create this schedule excel.  This gives us the ability to track the Work Break Down Structure for the overall project.  In this case the WFP is the second Highest level of our project schedule.  This then traces down to the tasks that are required to complete each task.

More on Workface Planning to come.